Arman oil industry has been established in order to achieve self-sufficiency and utilize Iranian manpower since 1390. Arman oil industry is in number five in oil, gas, and energy ranking. The experienced manager and employees of this company are completely ready to do projects in gas and oil fields. Arman oil industry is ready to do contracting projects about wellhead installation, current pipelines, oil and gas processing, gas and LPG manufactory and gas and water injection, gas and oil refinery, petrochemical manufactory, oil storages, gas and oil pipelines, oil pump house, compressor stations; and it is also ready to do building and installations related to all of the above activities. We are hopeful to be helpful with ambition and self-esteem for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Outsourcing Arman oil industry company

All weld operations, construction and design of the constructions of the valley, gas condensate terminals, construction and installation of the building, concrete structures, staining of the pipelines, all civic operations and office buildings and the installation of oil equipment.

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