At Arman Sanat Naft we are particularly concerned with issues such as health, safety and environment and quality (HSEQ) throughout all our activities and projects. "Safety first" and "no harm to people no damage to equipment" are more than just company slogans for Arman Sanat Naft, they represent what we believe in. We are very proud that the HSEQ culture in Arman Sanat Naft has matured and is currently well-known and reputable in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries in Iran.
In order to further improve and proceed with HSEQ objectives, Arman Sanat Naft Has implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) in accordance with Quality Management System (QMS) and in conformity with OGP guidelines and ISO 9001: 2008 standards, and the Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSE-MS). IMS enables Arman Sanat Naft to better facilitate continuous improvement of HSEQ activities to provide sustainable protection against human, financial and environmental losses. In addition, qualified HSEQ personnel are assigned to consult management on all aspects of Health, Safety, the Environment and Quality issues. This HSEQ team is responsible for developing and reviewing HSEQ procedures and monitoring contractor activities with periodical audits to ensure that all operations, including corporate activities and projects implement, follow and respect Health, Safety, Environment and Quality standards as well as applicable work instructions in their workplace. Arman Sanat Naft stays informed and up-to-date on regulation changes, standards and procedures by communicating closely with legislation and standardization bodies.